We love working with Peaky Digital.  As well as taking care of the digital side of Venton, the fun and creative team have held events here and we look forward to welcoming them again in September!  Here’s what Jamie, Peaky’s SEO Manager has to say:
‘The team at Peaky have been working with Venton for over a year now to help ensure that the Venton website has everything that users and (crucially) search engines need, meaning it’s easier for people to find Venton if they’re looking for a conference centre or accountancy services, and that they’re then more likely to become a client once they have landed on the website. 
The digital marketing landscape is constantly evolving and adapting (SEO in particular) and so our job is to take these insights and apply them to the businesses we work with to make sure they’re getting the maximum exposure from them. Sometimes means writing new landing page content or blogs, other times it can be technical fixes that improve load times and help search engines “read” a website, and often it’s a combination of all those things and more! 
When we started working with Venton the website was quite new, which we find is a crucial time for businesses: often it is difficult to find a new website in search engines like google, which is tricky when you rely on a website to drive enquiries. Initially our work focused on supporting that stage in particular, but since then we have moved on to the next phase of work which should see continued growth of users and leads coming to Venton. ‘

Take a look at the work they do here: Peaky Digital