We are delighted to announce that our new video conferencing facility is now available here at Venton.  The Jabra PanaCast 50 provides:

Astounding Sound
From the world leaders in professional audio
Picture Perfect
180° field of view in Panoramic-4K
On-device AI
Powers a range of intelligent features
The device features eight professional-grade microphones and an array of four powerful Jabra-engineered speakers – two 50mm woofers and two 20mm tweeters.
Unique 180° field-of-view means everyone is included, even while maintaining social distancing

As one of the world leaders in professional audio, we knew we had made the right decision in selecting a Jabra device.  This technology automatically identifies and removes residual echo and static noise whilst the array of four powerful speakers fill the room with premium, high-definition sound.  

We understand the importance of everyone being able to communicate clearly during a meeting – whether you are there in person or have joined virtually.  The PanaCast’s advanced beamforming technology maximises the signal-to-noise ratio for crystal-clear voices, anywhere in the room.  

In addition to the high-tech audio, the combination of three 13-megapixel cameras ensure every part of the room is covered.  And the really clear part – Jabra’s patented real-time video stitching technology intelligently decides exactly the right point to live-stitch the three feeds together, creating a smooth, 180 degree view in high-definition panoramic-4K.  This means, no squeezing together, being distorted or evening missing from the picture!

Take a look at the video below for an overview of the brand new technology – now available for your next meeting at Venton Conference Centre.